Aluminum Vs Vinyl- which one is better?


When it comes to materials of windows and doors there are really only three types. The most common for our Caribbean environment is Aluminum, followed by vinyl and lastly wood. It is a great idea to do some comparison when shopping. Today we will be discussing the benefits and merits of each window and door frame for both Aluminum and Vinyl products.

Curb Appeal – Aluminum products slight advantage

If you want the benefits of using modern materials that better withstand the elements, you can’t go either one! Both are available in a variety of colors and looks, all while providing the durability and strength. Aluminum might have a slight edge when it comes to Pivot door designs since it is more versatile. Aluminum can also be cut to to provide unique custom designs, such as the photo below.

Aluminum also provides a modern, sleek look, furthermore aluminum offers homes an updated appearance that pairs nicely with contemporary architectural styles. The bottom line is, both material add significant value but aluminum has a slight advantage in versatility and modern look.

Durability and Aging – Aluminum Wins

When it comes to durability Compared to frames built from other materials, both vinyl and aluminum are very long-lasting. Aluminum window and door frames are build to last while vinyl is slightly more malleable. Vinyl if any minor damage is done it us typically non visible. Aluminum windows and doors if properly maintain and cared have an lifespan of up to 60 years maintaining their structural integrity. If you’re looking for long-lasting windows that protect your family from severe weather elements, the durable strength of aluminum is also highly suitable for wind and impact resistant windows.

Maintenance and service level- Vinyl slight advantage

Regarding maintenance and service level. Both materials are built to perform great. Vinyl are practically maintenance free aside form the occasional cleaning. Either aluminum or vinyl windows and doors required any major maintenance or service to keep them in good shape. Both require cleaning and some parts require occasionally lubrication depending on how close you are sea environment. Moisture and corrosion could potentially affect both specially parts such as locks, hinges, rollers and other components.

Energy Savings- Vinyl slight advantage

Vinyl Technology has improve over the years when it comes to energy savings. Vinyl doors and windows are rated extremely high in enery efficiency coefficients and are also rated extremely hight in thermal performance. That may might not be a determining factor in our Caribbean but it is worth mentioning for more cold weather environment. Aluminum security louver windows provide and excellent thermally control area without even turning the AC on.

Environmentally friendly- Aluminum wins

When it comes to green windows, doors, and shutters. This one isn’t even a contest! Aluminum cand be easily recycle when doors and windows. If you are looking for green shutters, green windows, and green doors Aluminum is the way to go. PVC vinyl windows while highly energy-efficient aren’t recyclable or bio-degradable. Green products are preferred in the way that is environmentally friendly at the end of its productive lifespan.

Security windows and doors- Aluminum wins

Vinyl windows aren’t burglar-proof like security louver windows. Vinyl windows are not as secure as aluminum. Aluminum frames are extremely strong. Double protection from bad guys looking to vandalize or break in and protection for harsh weather. Aluminum is outfitted to provide better protection for your home or business.

Security benefits.

• Intruders. Burglars have a difficult time penetrating security window, doors and specially shutters.

• Shattering. Laminated glass won’t go flying, the breakage remains contained. Both materials will be able to handle any type of glass.

• Accessories. Aluminum and vinyl products can fit with windows can be outfitted with locking devices. This allows homeowners to have ventilation while remaining secure from falls or unauthorized entries.

Location matters - Tie

Location, Location, Location! I know you heard that before. The most important factor to consider when choosing between aluminum windows and doors and vinyl frames is location. Climate will be and important factor. Warmer area will prefer aluminum windows over cold weather climates that will lean towards vinyl windows. When exploring windows, ask your vendors which type of frame is better for your location.

Noise factor- aluminun wins

When it comes to reducing noise, aluminum beats out vinyl because it has more mass. If you live near a busy street or other loud areas, it’ll help to muffle out the noise. The type of glass you use will also influence the noise transmition.

Value of Your Home- tie

Upgrading to vinyl or aluminum windows is a worthwhile investment. Not inly it will boost curb appeal houses with security windows and doors will sell faster too! At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with investing in either type. Both frame styles make for high-quality hurricane impact windows. Vinyl and aluminum are equally designed to last many years. Both have great benefits and for doors and windows, with either type of frame, add value to your home. Fortunately, there are a number of great options to choose from. Any of which will add curb appeal and boost your home’s value. Most importantly, they’ll keep your family safe.


Upgrading your windows and doors is an exciting prospect, but so many decisions! Fortunately, there are a number of great options to choose from. Any of which will add curb appeal and boost your home’s value. Most importantly, they’ll keep your family safe.