All you need to know about Fixed Louvers


What are fixed louvers? Fixed louvers also called louvre are aluminum blades without operation that can be insert into a windows and a door. Fixed shutters refer to shutters that remain in the same position, so the louvre blades are fixed and cannot be adjusted. Fixed slats are always positioned in the same fixed angle into an inverted Y pattern. Louvers blades are used in buildings wherever there is a need for creating resistance to rainwater, excessive noise, hurricane-type winds, or a combination of these problems all while also ensuring proper airflow and ventilation.

Virtually maintenance-free way to help your buildings breathe. Designed for your rooms, wall panels, they allow fresh air to flow indoors while keeping moisture, insects and other debris safely out. Industrial louvers are great source of air measuring and noise reduction. Works great in pump rooms, mechanical rooms, electrical rooms and hvac rooms. Provides airflow in and out while providing weather protection and as a bonus sound attenuation.

It is commonly use in industrial settings but it is also used in residential settings as well. Louvres are most commonly a ventilation product. The design of louvres, which includes the blade and the frame, differs depending on the type of ventilation required. Different configuration and patters work for specific uses. For example, rain defense louvres will allow air to release through the blades, but not rain. Louvre systems in industrial and commercial buildings support a variety of application from simply an aesthetic impact to a combination of light control, screening, ventilation and protection against weather elements.

This sun-shading is also an added benefit to louver window and doors. Created with maximum air ventilation and light penetration. Fixed louver shutters can be overlaid to protect other windows or can be used as a standalone option. Ideal for ventilation and safety on commercial or residential buildings. Slats also have aesthetic properties. Louvers from San Miguel Windows are always tailor-made and available in various shapes and many colors. This gives the architect enormous freedom in shaping his concepts and ideas.

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