HIstory Lausell windows and doors in puerto rico

History of security windows in Puerto Rico and aluminum french doors

02.27.2023 Lausell window manufacturers who pioneered the industry as we know it today.

The Lausell windows in Puerto Rico are a unique architectural feature that has become an iconic part of the island's history and culture. These beautiful windows can be found in various buildings throughout Puerto Rico, and they have a fascinating story to tell.

The story of the Lausell windows begins in the early 20th century when Rafael Carmoega Lausell, a renowned Puerto Rican architect, began designing and constructing buildings in the Art Deco style. One of his signature features was the use of intricate wrought ironwork, which he incorporated into the design of the windows.

Lausell's windows were typically rectangular in shape, and they featured a series of intricate geometric patterns created by the wrought ironwork. The patterns often included shapes like diamonds, squares, and triangles, and they were arranged in a way that created a beautiful and intricate design.

One of the most famous buildings featuring Lausell windows is the Banco Popular building in San Juan. This iconic building was built in the 1920s and features a beautiful Art Deco design with intricate Lausell windows adorning its façade. The windows have become an iconic symbol of the building and have helped to cement its place in Puerto Rican history and culture. In addition to the Banco Popular building, Lausell windows can also be found in many other buildings throughout Puerto Rico. Some of the most notable examples include the Art Deco-style Edificio Gerardo in Ponce and the Casa La Boyana in San Juan.

Today, Lausell windows continue to be a cherished part of Puerto Rican culture and history. They are a testament to the island's rich architectural heritage and the ingenuity and creativity of its people. Whether you're exploring the streets of San Juan or admiring the beautiful buildings of Ponce, you're sure to encounter the intricate beauty of Lausell windows, and you'll be able to appreciate their unique place in Puerto Rico's history.