Step by step instructions on how to change your door locks

07.23. 2023 8 easy step guide on how to replace your door locks

Changing a door lock can be a straightforward process if you have the right tools and follow the steps carefully. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to change a door lock.

Before you begin: Make sure you have a new lockset that matches the dimensions and style of your current lock. Also, gather the necessary tools, which typically include a screwdriver, a tape measure, and possibly a chisel if the new lock requires modifications to the door.

Step 1: Gather materials and tools

-New door lockset (interior or exterior) with keys

-Screwdriver (usually Phillips-head)

-Tape measure

-Chisel (if needed)

-Hammer Pencil or marker

-Lubricant (optional)

Step 2: Remove the old lockset

  1. Open the door and locate the screws on the interior side of the lockset (the side of the door facing you when it's open).
  2. Unscrew and remove the screws from the plate that holds the lockset to the door.
  3. With the screws removed, you should be able to separate the two halves of the lockset – the exterior and interior parts. Pull them apart gently.

Step 3: Remove the old latch and strike plate

Unscrew and remove the latch plate (the metal piece on the edge of the door frame) and the strike plate (the metal piece attached to the door frame).

Step 4: Measure and prepare

  1. Measure the backset of your new lock (the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the hole). It's usually 2-3/8 inches or 2-3/4 inches.
  2. Check if your new lock requires any additional modifications (such as enlarging the hole for a larger backset) using the chisel. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 5: Install the new latch and strike plate

  1. Insert the new latch into the edge of the door, ensuring the beveled side faces the direction of the door swing. The faceplate should be flush with the door edge.
  2. Screw the latch plate into place using the provided screws.
  3. Install the new strike plate on the door frame, ensuring it aligns with the latch. Screw it into place.

Step 6: Install the new lockset

  1. Take the exterior portion of the new lockset and insert it into the hole on the exterior side of the door.
  2. Align the screw holes of the exterior lockset with the corresponding holes in the interior portion.
  3. Insert the interior lockset into the door, making sure it connects correctly with the exterior lockset.
  4. Screw the two halves of the lockset together using the provided screws.

Step 7: Test the new lock

  1. Close the door and test the lock to ensure it functions correctly. Try both turning the key (if it's a keyed lock) and operating the thumb turn (if it's a privacy or passage lock).
  2. Check that the door latches properly, and the bolt extends smoothly into the strike plate.

Step 8: Lubrication (optional)

  1. If needed, apply a small amount of lubricant to the moving parts of the lock for smooth operation.

Congratulations! You have successfully changed your door lock. Always make sure to read and follow the specific instructions provided by the lockset manufacturer to ensure proper installation and security. If you encounter any difficulties or uncertainties during the process, consider seeking professional assistance from a locksmith.