PR windows - design and style

12.03.2022 - PR windows blog

PR Windows most popular style are the louver windows.

PR windows - Security 3" glass louver

The new security louver window system is a new generation of window design. PR windows exhibit all the benefits of a traditiional louve window plus many additional feautres including heavy duty security rebar every 3" in height placed horizontally. to provide additional structural strength .

PR windows - Lama 4" glass louver

San Miguel Windows best seller! Includes all the benefits of the previous pr window but features the security rebar every 4" horizontally to provide additional structural strength. Its benefits include stainless steel screws surrounded by fully aluminum frame design gives durable construction. Heavy duty butterfly operator. Weather proof protection and wind pressure tested. Secured glass positioning to frame using high quality structural silicone. Widths are made to order ranging from 10" to 36". Heights available to 192" tall. Frames are finished with electrostatic powder coated application finish. Custom colors and technical information available upon request

PR windows= lama 6" glass louver

Lama 6" glass louver window is the most accessible and economical out of all the louver windows style. Provides amazing ventilation since rebar is every 6" in height. Alson know as jalousie windows is made of several metal and glass slats opening simultaneously with a heavy duty butterfly operator.