Puertas y Ventanas Puerto Rico: guide to Buying A New House In Puerto Rico


Are you looking to buy a new house in Puerto Rico? Find the right property with the right windows, doors and shutters for you!

So you found your dream home congratulations!

Buying a home in Puerto Rico can be an exciting process, but it's also one that requires careful planning. If you're thinking about buying a home in Puerto Rico, here are some things to consider regarding windows and doors before making any big decisions.

Let's be honest, most window and doors aren't properly maintain and this can cost the new owner hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Some areas can be easily spotted while others may required a bit of more time to find out. For example a broken piece of glass can be easily seen. The first thing you want to do when your first inspect the window is to look for scratches or peels in the aluminum frame. Scratches can be paint peel and the fixed can be as easily as touch up paint but others will required some sanding, buffing, priming and painting after. In some extreme cases it might be better to change that particular part of the frame and in others it will be as easy as a deep cleaning! The second item you want to check off your list are broken glasses. Check the around the corners for chipped glass in regular glass or spiderweb like breakeage that can cost you thousands of dolars to replace. For example a ¼” laminated glass can set you back around $400 to replace.

lets start with Windows

When it comes to windows the less obvious are the mechanism. The most common malfunction in windows is the operator. Operators can be easily fixed replacing them and no major tools are required only screwdriver. Regular operators aren’t particularly expensive but each will cost you around $10 each. However if the home you are buying contains several windows these operators can set you back a few hundred dollars. Another common item to check if the house’s windows are single hung (push up) windows is the side mechanism. The Balance is typically not maintained, the spring or cord could potentially break. Each balancing can set you back $10-20 each and should be replaced by the pair. Another common part that could break are the friction hinges, locking arms and locking handles which are parts that can set you back $12 to $24 each parts.

Check your doors

The most important part to verify in doors are the locks. Standard locks can be easily replace with 30 mins of your time and about $50 for the most economical locks. Some newer more modern locks can set you back $250 depending on the style. But provide better security and functionality including mobile applications and wifi connections. Due to security this should be your top priority to revise. Another part that you must inspect are the inactive door pins. Not only for security reason this should be also immediately revise. Also inspect the floor threshold to prove support and weather tightness. If the new house contains sliding doors take a few minutes to check the rollers. Rollers can be very inexpensive part to buy but most of the time it is a two person job that can save you hundreds of dollars if you do them yourself. Hinges should also be check but typically don't required much or any type of maintenance aside from lubrication.

In conclusion spending an hours inspecting your windows, doors, and shutters can help you save thousands when buying your new home. It can also help you leverage the negotiations when making that important purchase in your life. If you don’t feel confident in the matter don’t hesitate to hire and expert!