The debate Should doors open inward or outward ?


Should doors open inward or outward? Pushing or pulling? We have all made the wrong action at some point! That is a questions in our business that our team is asked every day. It also sparks a interesting debate among architects and designers and their respective customers.

First we must divide and conquer! We can split the issue by dividing in commercial doors and residential doors.

Lets start with Residential Doors

Lets start with residential doors. Why do some front doors open inward and some open outward? Many people may not notice the way their front door swings or may not be an issue. Access to your front door may be by design taking into consideration the flow of traffic, electrical components near wall or designed for a reason

As a field observation I notice that most doors open inward as supposed to outward.

The reason most doors swing in is very purposeful and effective. Since doors have hinges ( with or without security pins) and the hinge was considered to be the weak point contractors will place the door swing in to avoid intruders from entering the home. As a method to try to make it harder and prevent an attack if the door swings in, the hinge will also face the interior of the house. It made the door look more aesthetically pleasant preventing. Removing the hinge pins completely detaches the door from the frame. In certain cold weather areas snow can be an issue that affects your door position. For example if snow could potentially build up outside your door opening outwards won't be a wise choice during winter season. In the same line of weather affecting door position. Opening the door outward would provide more strength against strong wind pushing against the house.

In addition in opening doors can also be more easily equipped with extra security features like latches and chains.

Security doors as your main focus

If your priority and main concern is security, this section you will like to read.

Of the door opens inward allows you to peek at any potential person coming to your front door Also allowing you to place your feet on the bottom of the door to provide additional support if an individual is trying to force entry into your home.

Visibility, if the door opens inward it allows you to get a peak of the person or persons in front of the house. Furthermore outswing doors can accidentally open the door into somebody casuing a possible accident.

Our company San Miguel Windows, can help you determine which is the best way to open and close your residential home. Just contact us for a free orientation and quote.

Commercial Doors and Public Doors

Next time you visit a public building or commercial building you will notice the opposite of residential doors. In commercial buildings most entry doors open outward. Why is this? This is a basic safety measure designed in case a building needs to be evacuated quickly. A quick evacuation would be needed for fire rescues, police response and several other reasons. These outward swinging doors are great in case of a mob emergency situation but are best left for commercial applications. Unlike a home a public building is likely to have large numbers of people in it. which in case of emergency, these people need to be evacuated as quickly and easily as possible.

Panic Bars and push bars locks are widely use in public buildings and commercial applications for quickly pushing and exiting a building. These mecanism only work if the door is swing outward to provide easy access.

Pivot Door System

Another type of door to consider would be the Pivot door. As a benefit you may open inward or outward with ease without having to choose to pull or push! The best of both worlds and winner of this debate!