Old San Juan window in glass and aluminum. The best selling window of 2022


Old San Juan security window also known as old san juan window provides excellent protection against the elements. Security and elegance are combined in each unit creating one of the strongest windows on the market. Manufactured by San Miguel Windows, said window positioned number # 1 in popularity since it satisfies all the needs of a demanding market in its design and quality standards. The window has a construction with its top glass and slat windows either in glass or metal.

Furthermore this model can also be made on doors since it is not limited exclusively to windows. The window is available in old san juan window slat 2.5" metal, slat 3" metal, slat 3" glass, slat 4" glass, slat 6" glass. It is also available in various aluminum colors including White, Cream, Anodized Gray , bronze, imitation wood and matte black.